Cervinia snow cam significato emoticon whatsapp nuove

cervinia snow cam significato emoticon whatsapp nuove

Now, after five hours of continuous operation, you can afford a small break. More rotate, and within sight of the end appears my torment - saddle. First, visibility dropped to ten meters, and it became clear that it's time to think about the descent. It remains up to some hundred meters. I drank a lot before and. It is justified in the case of passing the technically difficult part, but not acceptable for simple or very complex terrain. From a state of deep meditation, I was led to human voices. Leaving a backpack at the station, I'm going up gesture expressing his attitude toward the approaching bad weather. However, in order to start the descent station need to arrange, and it is just in this particular location has been a problem. In two hours time to climb the 200 meters - is half way to Tindal, and a third of the total distance that separates me from the top. Blog climber first Day, my report I start with the first day of the actual beginning of the ascent, and even up to this moment happened to me various adventures or simply interesting events, this.

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Console ourselves that in the event of loss of the rock hammer, I will have an alternative than to hammer hook. There had to quit due to cover the ridge and, after a small snow saddle, to be equipped with steel platform platform - the basis of the hut. Of equipment taking almost everything - 100 meters thin rope lanex 7,9 mm - actually, it is necessary to use a folded twice, but in order to save time and weight, I used this as a basic single rope. That, too err slightly impossible!? In winter, it is not functioning. The route ahead is viewed well before the shoulder remains no more than 100 meters vertically. I was warned that this is the most technically difficult place on the route where you need to be especially careful. Agree firm decision - tomorrow I go upstairs, and regardless of the outcome - the next day down. But airflow howling shimmering over the crest was so dense that even holding on to the rope, I could not stay on his feet. It is important not to miss a moment in time and start insured. This alone is enough to recognize the event has been completed! Slowly, very slowly, remain at the bottom of the neck first couloir, smooth rotation, narrowing. But for a long time I did not have to wonder - strong wind and snowstorm began abruptly, turned the descent into a struggle for survival.

cervinia snow cam significato emoticon whatsapp nuove

need to go into that damned couloir! Climbing is a simple, but very dumb because of the large amount of snow. Touring with a mouse and quite weighty backpack (despite all the efforts facilitated Backscratcher still weighed under tridtsatnik. Without risking punching trail, I lay down on my stomach and slowing down an ice pick and front teeth cat food down. But, taking a few steps, and put the cat on a snowy island - the only clue to the smooth rock falls into extremely unpleasant situation. Surface snow compressed into a hard crust, which holds good skiing, but falls under the foot. As soon as the east was getting brighter horizon in the west is an extremely dark and at the same time majestic picture - there is on a colossal black and blue screen, the rising sun lights. Well, ITO as ITO. Snow, as it turned out, not very firmly held on to rock. But there is the most crucial part of the way. Dozen pitons, my friends and set bookmarks, portable radio, flashlight, chocolate, biscuits and a thermos of hot coffee.

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And in front of a simple, but almost impassable in such conditions section of the route. Day Six Forecast an improvement in the weather tomorrow. To the hut Capanna di Carrel remains little more than a hundred meters vertically, much more time, you can not rush. We have to leave hooks, fortunately, they have me missing. For those who are not familiar with this term, I explain: AID (artificial fulcrum) is the passage of a particularly difficult section (rock, ice, combined) with the help of various technical means. Book banality of life-speeding before his eyes, at the same moment becomes real to me - to the edge of the plate three meters, then - kilometer gulf code I inexorably moving out along with the ill-fated island snow. Very versatile, distinctive feeling. I knew perfectly well that follow a similar assumption. For a while we cervinia snow cam significato emoticon whatsapp nuove were shaking together, but I soon warmed. Fell to his waist. My hundred-meter rope, which I was going to quickly go down to the hut, was dumped half a broken wind from the crest of stone. Rise up Abruzzi took about four hours and nothing remarkable was not marked. In short, half-day of good weather and golden key in my pocket. And all this at an altitude of 3870 meters above sea level, on a steep rocky ridge, below the top of one of the greatest mountains of the Alps! But as you know, hope - very tenacious nature, especially when you hope for the best. Inside is full of snow, but you can hide from the wind. I fully understand the validity of anxiety a person in the security below and in similar conditions devoid of the possibility of providing physical assistance - no helicopter will not fly into a hurricane. In my own situation, felt not so much beauty as beauty emanating from this threat. In such situations, I usually pray.

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The threat of avalanche pressure on his shoulders several times increasing the weight of the already heavy backpack. On the descent to the saddle was picked for a long time - much longer than planned. But the option to defer a visa and be late for the plane is not taken into account. Although compact, the house can accommodate up to 40 guests, which can accommodate up to three tiered bunks. Zermatt funivia paesaggio svizzera tutela fondazione svizzera tutela fondazione svizzera tutela paesaggio fondazione svizzera tutela tutela paesaggio. That's really what I least expected to hear. The technical part of the route begins with a jumper between the Matterhorn and neighboring vertices Testa di Lione. Mountain climbing in the Alps, climbing the Matterhorn Impressed lessons learned continue to rise, carefully arranging insurance. All night the wind howled. But a few knowledgeable people cheered me saying that if I pass this wall, you then will have no problems - on the route there is nothing so difficult not to meet. Behind - the most physically heavy part of the way ahead - the most technically difficult. Route on this site comes traverse along the southern slope, about 20 meters below the crest. By the way, at the end of last season Mont Cervino (Matterhorn is the name of the Italian side) was closed for climbing due to rock falls that have changed the many routes, including the one on which I expected to rise. Then, to make war a little to the front door, I crawled into the hut was shaking all over.

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